JULY 2023

JULY 2023 SOLICITATIONS: Please read the full text before ordering as we will ship once your books have all arrived. All dates listed are now in UK format date.

Please be aware of advanced solicited items as they may ship several months after JUNE 2023Publishers may change the cover art at a later date. If this does happen we will, if caught in time, refund you.

We have also noticed that distributors are providing listings that should not be offered to customers, due to being a ratio or incentive cover listed by mistake by the distributor AND publisher. Once again, if we do catch this in time, we will refund. 

We'd like to add that we are seeing quite a few printers marks, such as scuffs, and slight ripples due to the quality of paper being used, and we will be quite strict on such problems. A 1-2mm small print scuff is still deemed 9.4 - 9.6 by graders. A small 1-2mm spine crease (not breaking colour) is deemed 9.4 (NM) too, and therefore we will send copies. We do not guarantee 9.6-9.8 books. Thank you!