Since the lock down and the pandemic hitting the whole world, our communication with our customers has been key, and now we are taking our EVENT NIGHTS more seriously setting up stand-alone pages for your the customer to get involved with, offering discounts, free shipping and much much more. It is the quickest, the simplest way to communicate about what has just arrived in store... and here's why. On eBay our pre-orders for Pops has been good... and overall we are happy with the sales.

BUT!! And here's a massive but! eBay takes too much from retailers and that is money we can pass on to you, the loyal customer who keeps us, a business, going from day to day, year in year out -- so why shouldn't we give YOU that money that eBay takes? After all it's better going back into the economy rather than a company who's software is dated, it's data-basing system is dated and the whole look of eBay hasn't moved on for 20 years. As one of its representatives said to me --  when trying to deal with an accounts issue -- "eBay's design has been left back somewhere in the 1980's" -- and we totally agree with them! eBay looks tired. 

SO... here is what we are doing! Our website is fundamentally the place to Pre-order all of your comics, trade paperbacks and graphic novels, as well as your FUNKO POP pre-orders such as Pokemon and HOT TOYS that have become a solid part of this business for several years.

OUR FACEBOOK EVENT pages (including our regular page) is THE place where you get get EXCLUSIVES, RARE BACK ISSUES and IN STOCK POPS, quickly, with great images and without any fuss at all. So, get over to Facebook join our groups and get yourself some discounts, make friends, and become a part of the future of retailing!! We set the trends -- others will follow!!