EPIC BOX - NOW AVAILABLE! The only way you can get some exclusive items from MARVEL, TITAN and PILOT COMICS!

LIMITED EDITION has - for the past decade - provided a service for enthusiasts to have their items graded by the world's leading third party facilitator of collectibles, including trading cards, posters and, of course comic books.

From rare items worth millions of dollars to the latest fad and trending items, CGC offers a service for all of above and everything in between, encapsulating your items in rigid crystal clear containers, highlighting the grade, special features and even rarity of your item.

As from March 2021 we are offering a service so that you can buy one of the latest comic books from our website, adding the CGC service -- and as soon as we have it in stock we'll whizz it over to CGC in Florida.

The cost per book is £30 for a modern plus £5 per book posted back to you -- or you can collect in store. We do take Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze, Copper and Modern age books too... so pop us a message on the "contact us" page and we'll chat to you about it.