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BIG BREAK HC GN (C: 0-1-0)

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    Andrew and Russ are best friends, obsessed with finding the legendary Jersey Devil that supposedly lives in the Pine Barrens, practically in their own backyards. They're even making a movie about their search for any sign of the mythical creature. But when Russ starts spending less time on their movie and more time with artsy, first-chair violinist Tara, Andrew feels the cracks in their friendship beginning to form.Suddenly, all of Andrew's favorite things are deemed too babyish for Russ, and Andrew is left trying to figure out where he belongs without his best friend by his side. Then a rash of Jersey Devil sightings excite their small town, and the boys are thrown back together by their friends on a fevered hunt. Can Andrew and Russ put aside their differences for one last chance to find the monster of their dreams? Or will the break in their friendship be too much to mend?Funny, refreshing, and full of heart, The Big Break perfectly captures the unique combination of growing pains and childlike wonder that defines what it means to be in middle school.

    (W/A) Mark Tatulli

    DUE DATE: 4/1/2020



    Condition : New

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